Join me? The Big Happy Experiment.

I’m in the middle of a mid-life reinvention.


Last year, I left behind my wonderful job at Psychologies,  sold my canal boat (long story), dropped my son at uni and then went travelling in a campervan around the UK.


Like you do.


I then made the big leap to live in the ‘lost kingdom’ of Northumberland.


Think fairytale castles, wide, empty beaches, dark skies – and magic.


With a cinematic backdrop and a dash of fairy dust, I am now figuring out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life.


What I know for sure is that I want to put happiness and joy front and centre.


It’s been a challenging time for many of us and with the doom and gloom merchants talking about more


doom and gloom to come – I’ve decided to put my focus on what I can control.


I was inspired by  interviewing intuition queen Sonia Choquette last week.


Sonia is an author and speaker and one the most highly regarded experts in the field of intuition.


Author of 27 New York Times best sellers, her books have been read by over one million people.


I loved speaking with her and she’s helped me make some life changing decisions.


I’ve decided to create my own personal Big Happy Experiment and use the tools that these world-class


experts give me and apply them to my own life.


Does anyone want to join me?


I’d like try it for the month of July and see how we get on.


The idea is we focus on one expert’s advice for one week and then see what happens when we take


action and the report back to our Facebook group.


I’d like to start with my interview this week with Sonia Choquette.


Your weekly challenge if you choose to accept it: Conduct your own intuition experiment.


What do you need to do exactly? Read the interview (see below)


Your experiment this week: Every time you have a decision to make this week, tune into your


intuition and see what happens if you act on your intuition.


Try it now. Put one hand on your heart and one on your belly. Take a breath.


What decision are you trying to make. State it out loud. Complete the sentence ‘I’m trying to decide…..’


Then says, Sonia: Ask your intuition. ‘What do you feel? Then express it out loud, verbally acknowledge


it. After you’ve acknowledged it, you can’t ignore it. Then make a choice. ‘You don’t have to act on it.


You’re bringing it to the light of your awareness and then you can choose. If you name it, you claim it.


When you verbalise your intuition, you begin to acknowledge its existence. If you can record it on your


smartphone or write it down, you have hard evidence – so you can see what happens if you choose to


follow it or not,’  she says.


Then let’s discuss it in the group.


I will post a new experiment every Thursday.


Suzy x


P.S Here’s the interview.

The Big Happiness Interview: Sonia Choquette on why your intuition is your superpower


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